Ich gehe gern auf die RS Vit,...

...weil nette Lehrer auf dieser Schule sind. (Lea Handlos)



„We were five people at the house-party. Julia, Lena, Jason, Milena and I were all together at Jason´s house. Me, Milena and Lena were dancing and the other two were sitting on the couch. The music was very loud, so that the neighbors had come twice before. We drank some whiskey so that we were a little bit drunk, but just a little bit. We just wanted to have a good time. Suddenly the doors were shut and locked up and so were the windows. The light was switched off. So fast! That all happened so fast. The lights were switched on again: Julia was lying on the ground. She was dead. We were standing around her not talking. Then Jason said: ”What happened?” But no one knew what happened. While Lena and I were crying and holding Julia´s hand Milena tried ti find a way out of the room. We banged against the doors. We hit the windows. We screamed. But no one could hear us. Suddenly we heard a mobile phone ringtone. It came from Julia´s mobile. I took it out of her jeans and read “Unknown” on the screen. I answered the phone. A dark voice spoke to me: “There were only four, right? You probably didn´t expect that. I just want to have fun. So let us play a little game. You all have to decide who´s going to die next. If you refuse…then two will die.” And then he hang up. We all stood in a circle without saying a word. Everyone could hear what the phone caller wanted. We didn´t know how much time we had. Abruptly Milena said: “I´ll do it.” We wanted to convince her not to do it, we also knew that nothing else could save us. And then the lights went out again. We heard Milena scream, but it happened so fast that we couldn´t do anything. After that the lights went on and Milena was dead. We were so shocked, that we first didn´t realize that we could call the police with Julia´s mobile phone. We all had our phones in the next room se we couldn´t get them. But then it struck us: We could call the police! And so we did. They said they would be here in 10 minutes. We waited for them to arrive. But then the anonymous phone caller texted: “You are all really bad friends. You do not deserve to live. So let´s finish the game now!” Suddenly the lights went out a third time. I heard Lena and Jason scream. When the lights went on again all my friends were dead. I looked at the phone and there was one more message from Anonymous: “Game over”. And then the police cars came.
That´s all that happened officer. Can I go to my family no? They are waiting for me by the ambulance. Or do you have any more questions?”
-“Just one more question: Why has the killer not killed you?”
-“But he did”
(written by pupils of 10b)

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